More than 5,500 private sessions have been held and around 1,500 people are currently waiting for a private session. Due to this demand...

Forgotten Australians is for those who were in various institutions as children, there were many reasons why, orphaned because of war etc., being born to a single mother, domestic voilence, divorce sepration poverty, disabilities, Mental health, runaways, moral danger, and some parents could not cope.


Royal Commission comes to Newcastle!

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Its all About  Justice

A lifetime wait for justice

Wilma Robb

“At Hay I experienced a sadistic martial discipline( the silent treatment outlawed in the late 1800’s) designed to break the human spirit.

We lost everything there,  and a lot lost their minds.”

Peter McCLellan

"If the Witnesses believed Jehovah was a loving god, would he not be more concerned about the victims than his own name?" Chief Commissioner Justice Peter McClellan 28/07/2015

george Pell

"I am horrified by the accounts that survivors have given in their evidence,  and at the enormous impact the abuse has had on them, their families and the community." 28/05/2015


Children were placed into these institutions through private arrangements involving payments to the Institution. How they were placed in care was not their fault, because of their upbringing this group of people are in need of services such as; health, dental, basic life skills, and a decent education, and they are needed NOW!

Redress Report

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Many institutions, showed a lack of care

"...They should be honoured for their experience and given every support they need in order to participate fully in the community of which they are part..." Speech Senator Gary Humphries on the Forgotten Australians Inquiry.