The Senate Community Affairs References Committee found that more than 500,000 children  were placed in an orphanage, Home or other form of out-of-home care in the last century in Australia.



Royal Commission comes to Newcastle!

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A lifetime wait for justice

Peter McCLellan

"If the Witnesses believed Jehovah was a loving god, would he not be more concerned about the victims than his own name?" Chief Commissioner Justice Peter McClellan 28/07/2015

george Pell

"I am horrified by the accounts that survivors have given in their evidence,  and at the enormous impact the abuse has had on them, their families and the community." 28/05/2015


On 30 January 2015, the Royal Commission published the Consultation paper: Redress and civil litigation (the Consultation Paper). We received a wide range of submissions in response to the Consultation Paper. From 25 to 27 March 2015, all six Commissioners sat for the public hearing on redress and civil litigation.

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Many institutions, showed a lack of care

they alone cannot shoulder the whole responsibility